Top Priorities in Selecting Automated Testing Tools

Vu Nguyen · June 28, 2018

Software automation tools and frameworks are crucial for the success of test automation projects. But it is a difficult task to select the right set of test automation tools for a new software project. There are many tools with each having several unique good features. One single tool may not satisfy all project requirements and constraints, resulting in multiple automation tools to be used. Chosen tools seem to be working at the beginning, but troubles occur later as hidden problems are overlooked at the time of tool selection.

Understanding the priorities in determining automation tools is part of our survey which questioned more than 2,000 software test professionals about their experience with test automation. The survey results show that more than 60% of respondents with 3+ years of experience in test automation agreed that licensing & support costs and good test reports are the most important priorities in deciding a test automation tool. Moreover, respondents with less experience in test automation prioritize training and support materials over other criteria.

Please read the full article on DZone: “Top Priorities in Selecting Automated Testing Tools”.

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